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Integration with Datalayer

Kevel Audience provides a pre-built JavaScript tag to integrate with the dataLayer variable, as specified by Google Analytics 4 (GA4). Once configured in a site, the tag identifies dataLayer events. It sends the related events to the Kevel Audience events platform.

Given a correct integration with GA4 via the datalayer, customers can leverage this integration to automatically configure tracking on their sites, vastly simplifying integration with Kevel Audience.


Your development team can place the provided tag directly on the site. Alternatively, you can deploy with your existing tag manager, such as Google Tag Manager, to ensure the tag is loaded on all pages.

Please request the source code from your Customer Success Manager, who can support you through the integration process. Note that this a dataLayer-specific tag, different from the one mentioned on the event collection section.


Custom events sent to Google Analytics can also be tracked. Reach your Customer Success Manager with an example of the event you want to capture. They can help you add support for it.