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Usage Report

Visualization of the System's Monthly Usage Metrics

The purpose of the Kevel Audience usage reports is to provide insights into the system's key usage metrics, enabling their aggregated visualization on a monthly cadence:

  • MTUs (Monthly Tracked Users): The number of individual users that generate one or more events within the calendar month;
  • Tracked Events: The number of tracked events within the calendar month;
  • Activations: The number of activation events within the calendar month;
  • Prediction Models: The highest number of prediction models configured in the system at any time within the calendar month.
  • Segments: The highest number of user segments configured in the system at any time within the calendar month.


Calculating Monthly Tracked Users

Users are considered for the Monthly Tracked Users count in a given calendar month if they are included in any of the following activities during that month:

MTUs and Scheduled Triggers

Users can count towards MTUs in a month, even if they don't visit the site.

Considering the segment "Buyers with Purchases in the last 30 days". If the user does not return to the site after that period, activating them via the browser to a destination is impossible. In this scenario, scheduled activations can ensure all users get activated at a given frequency. By activating all users, their profiles will count towards the month's MTUs, even if they were inactive during that period. Turning off scheduled triggers can bring the number of MTUs down and reduce the accuracy of data shared with configured destinations.

When Are These Reports Generated?

Kevel Audience usage reports are generated automatically at the end of each calendar month.