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Getting Started

Customer Insights is powered by Amazon QuickSight, an AWS-provided business intelligence tool integrated into the dedicated client AWS account. Kevel Audience delivers and updates various datasets in QuickSight, so our clients can easily access reports based on their own first-party data. For example, by using Customer Insights, we can help answering questions such as "for how long are customers active?".


Focusing on the customers acquired in Q4' 2022, 68% of them last bought in the same quarter they started buying. The remaining 32% kept purchasing from your business, as their latest order was more recent (14% in Q1' 23 and 18% in Q2' 23).

Getting Access

To begin using Amazon QuickSight for the first time, clients are advised to contact their designated Customer Success Manager and share with them the email addresses of each user. After that, each user should proceed with the following steps:

Accept the Invitation

Users will receive an invitation on their email address, that will be valid for 7 days. Accepting the invitation creates an account on QuickSight.

If the deadline is missed, users should reach out to their Customer Success Manager to reset the invitation.


Create a User Account

Users will be taken to a QuickSight page to set up their password. After that, a success message should briefly pop up, and users are taken to their business' QuickSight account.


Test Loging In

After filling in the account ID - that's in the invitation email -, users will be prompted to fill in their user email and password. If users aren't directed to their Customer Insights, it's recommended to reach out to the Customer Success Manager.


For guidance related to Customer Insights, refer to the Navigating the Dashboard and Datasets sections.