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Activation Requests

Activations happen when data is sent to a Destination, which is initiated by a Trigger. There are several ways to initiate an activation trigger. The most common will be in the browser, with an activation trigger tag, which can be copied from the trigger configuration page, as seen below.

activated parameters

Activating Users

To activate a user we provide 2 approaches:

Debugging Activation Requests

An activation request may fail for various different reasons, such as an incorrect configuration on the Destination or a third-party outage. Nonetheless, while executing a trigger, no error is returned to that request. Instead, the CDP provides a health dashboard where you can monitor the data being sent to Destinations and the corresponding error rate from the last 7 days as well as an error type breakdown on the Destinations page.

destination error health dashboard

It is also possible to inspect errors in greater detail on the Activation Errors page. In there you will find the timestamp to when the error occurred, the associated Destination, an error description, and the raw JSON payload ( looking at the JSON payload is particularly useful when debugging problems with destinations).

activation errors